Role and activities of DIHV

The DIHV operates in compliance with the provisions of the National Business Plan 4.0 (already Industry 4.0) which defines the role of Digital Innovation Hubs as "gateway" to digital innovation for companies, also entrusting them with the task of stimulating and promoting demand of innovation of the production system.
The skills and professionalism present within the DIHV and in the network connected to it are made available to companies that have begun a reflection on the need to innovate and wish to access help to understand new technologies and subsequently plan and face the change.


We are Europeans, with dedication and pride


Our choice to be registered in the European DIH register allows us to participate fully in the network of over 200 DIH currently established in the 27 European countries.
We can therefore share and exchange knowledge, experiences, analyzes and solutions with qualified university and entrepreneurial structures and with research bodies, regarding the various key sectors of digital technological development.
At present, we have already contacted eight DIHs from six different countries by holding conference calls.

Our Target

DIHV's activity is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises facing the path of digital transformation; they will be supported by the DIHV, starting from the strategic analysis phase of the business model, up to the completion of the innovation project.
The focus on SMEs is part of the redesign of the 4.0 Business Plan defined in its most recent formulation, which was centered by the competent Ministry in relation to small businesses and not just large companies. Therefore, we intend to enhance "the craftsmanship of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, thanks to the use of digital technologies, provided by large players and made available to SMEs by universities" (Spadoni, 2017).

Our Services

Dissemination and Industry 4.0

Knowing is the first act to make a conscious choice: therefore understanding 4.0 technologies, how to insert them in your production process or for the purposes of a new business model, is fundamental.
We carry out awareness-raising activities towards SMEs regarding the impact of Impresa 4.0 on their activities: meetings, seminars, digital and / or printed information materials, studies and research aimed at specific themes / sectors.
We also deal with staff training, at all levels, on technological issues of corporate interest.

Innovation strategies

Adopting a Digital Transformation plan implies a profound review of the business model, affecting work processes and products / services offered. Being supported by experts allows you to reduce both decision times and possible errors.
First of all, we propose a complete corporate strategic checkup, to study the potential of the company and to identify the main needs. Subsequently, the comparison and analysis of digital trends directs towards the optimal strategic choices, for which the appropriate KPIs are defined for the future monitoring of results.

Design Industry 4.0

The evaluation of the different technological options requires an in-depth and updated level of knowledge regarding cutting-edge and constantly evolving topics, which is difficult to achieve for an entrepreneur.
The DIHV is part of the innovation ecosystem and is in permanent contact with universities, ICT and other DCIH services, both in Italy and in Europe. Therefore, we can provide advice on the technological issues of Impresa 4.0, supporting companies for the construction of Digital Transformation projects, analyzing the more detailed aspects of each technology and / or application that is of interest.

Funding sources

The cost of a Digital Transformation project can go beyond the financial resources of the Company, and it becomes necessary to find sustainable sources of financing.
DIHV has the skills to navigate the different forms of public financing (both national and European) and has developed understandings and skills to facilitate access to bank credit and financial markets.

Legal advice

The regulatory aspects to be taken into account in the Digital Transformation are numerous and unprecedented, and open up new questions that are often not answered within the company.
DIHV has the skills to deal with privacy management according to the most recent directives (GDPR), the protection of intellectual property, contracts on digital services and certifications on data security.

Marketing e comunicazione

The competition uses Big Data and the Internet to communicate to the market, and the methods of contact with the potential customer evolve rapidly, requiring a continuous review of corporate communication.
We can support the company in the management of Big Data, public and its own company, to develop digital marketing strategies that include the corporate image on the web with its website, social media presence and advertising, in order to create an ecosystem of the company on the Internet.