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Inspired by Industry Plan 4.0

In January 2018, SI-IES Srl with the "Communication and Innovation" Study Commission established the "Digital Innovation Hub Virtuale" (DIHV) in the wake of the 4.0 Business Plan (Piano Impresa 4.0) presented by the Ministry of Economic Development.
In setting up the DIHV we were inspired by the Digital Innovation Hubs envisaged by the 4.0 Business Plan, made up of territorial networks of institutional subjects (local authorities, trade associations, universities, etc.), to create an agile structure that can give rapid responses to the needs of SMEs on digital innovation issues.
The DIHV is a structure with its own legal personality, independent from the participants in it.
In December 2018, the DIHV was evaluated by the JRC in collaboration with DG CONNECT of the European Commission and included in the Register of European DIHs, in the context of the Smart Specialization Platform.


To support companies in every aspect of digitization projects (and processes), we have brought together small entrepreneurs and high-profile professionals in the Virtual Digital Innovation Hub, experts in the various areas and topics of interest: business strategies, ICT technology, Internet of Things, production processes, legislation, marketing, corporate finance, advanced training, big data, cybersecurity. They will be joined, as external members, by other professional figures who are considered interesting on single issues of adequate importance.
Taking into account the importance that innovation has for the development of businesses and the local area, the activity of the virtual Digital Innovation Hub is structured as a non-profit initiative, for the benefit of all stakeholders.
The DIHV meets on the last Wednesday of each month in a meeting that sees sector experts as protagonists. -> CLICK HERE <- To read the list of all experts we met until now.

The Company that plays the role of Coordinator of the DIHV activities is SI-IES srl, whose President is Prof. Francesco Chiappetta, who is also the President of the DIHV.

On the occasion of the Innovation Day 2019, Prof. Chiappetta had an exchange of correspondence with the President of the Lazio Region, Hon. Nicola Zingaretti

Letter from Prof. Chiappetta to Hon. Zingaretti
Answer by Hon. Zingaretti


The Digital Innovation Hub Virtuale is an analysis and study apparatus to elaborate development strategies with a view to "Enterprise 4.0" to be proposed to SMEs; our goal is to support small and medium-sized companies of Made in Italy and services to guide them in the acquisition of innovative technologies with which to increase productivity, develop new products / services, transform their corporate identity, enhance their know-how.
With it we intend to operate on the entire chain of the business consultancy process by integrating our skills through partnerships with qualified subjects, with whom specific agreements are stipulated; their presence extends our range of action and completes the consultancy intervention, which extends from the strategic plan to the more strictly operational level.
To date we have involved a primary credit institution rooted in the territory, a solid European startup leader in cybersecurity and an important investment bank specializing in listing procedures on the AIM of the Milan Stock Exchange. The choice of partners is constantly evolving, so we expect to be able to add other subjects who are in synergy with our objectives.


The Digital Innovation Hub Virtuale is composed of a group of experienced professionals in the various areas of interest for the dissemination, proposal and management of the Digital Transformation of SMEs.
Note: click on each name to consult the related Linkedin professional profile.

President: : Prof. Francesco Chiappetta

Ordinary Members of DIHV (in alphabetical order):
Dr. Francesco Albano (startup, finance, blockchain)
Dr Laura Avagnina (entrepreneur, ICT)
Avv. Alessandro Biamonte (administrative law, central and local PA)
Ing. Luigi Cardone (Telecommunications, ICT)
Dr. Andrea Chiappetta (Cybersecurity, Environment, Transport)
Dr. Gianni Cuozzo (Cybersecurity)
Avv. Francesco Da Riva Grechi (Business law, business risk management)
Ing. Fabrizio Davide (ICT, TLC, Training)
Avv. Valentina Di Benedetto (Civil and Administrative Law)
Dr Marilena Giordano (Web Projects, Marketing and Big Data)
Prof. Avv. Stefano Tarullo (Administrative Law, Privacy)

Extraordinary Members of DIHV (in alphabetical order):
Dr. Elio Casalino (Notary)
Dr. Vincenzo Castaldi (Finance and Insurance)
Prof. Avv. Stefano Crisci (Artificial Intelligence applied to Law and Economics)
Dr. Michele Donatacci (ICT, Blockchain)
Dr. Federico Fabretti (Communication Strategies, online and offline)
Dr. Alessandro Meloncelli
Avv. Eutimio Monaco (Law)
Ing. Simone Posti (Strategies and IT Solutions))
Dr. Riccardo Ruta (Company manager, Jurist)
Prof. Avv. Piero Sandulli (Civil procedural law, arbitration)
Prof. Dott. Vincenzo Tombolini (Radiology, Sapienza University)
Dr. Fabio Travaglini (local SMEs)